What is a "Vacation State of Mind"?

“Vacation is a State of Mind” - This has been our mantra since we got started. We’re born from sunshine, salty water and the feeling of being super chilled on a beach watching the sunset.

But let’s be real, sometimes it’s pretty damn hard to practice what we preach! Those vacay vibes can feel pretty far away when you’re in an apartment in the middle of the city, it is -1 °C outside, it’s grey and any sign of tan that you may or may not have had has faded long ago! Yeah you know what we’re talking about!

For sure we believe that everyone deserves a vacation, some time to escape, unwind and reward ourselves for all our hard work. But, we also believe it’s perhaps even more important to enjoy a more balanced, happier lifestyle. We can all achieve this just by making little changes in our daily routine that allow us to feel good everyday (kind of the vacation feeling) without the need of jumping on a plane and traveling far away.

Here’s how I try to keep my vacation state of mind:

1 - Feel good within yourself
Listen to both your body and mind and take time for self care. It doesn’t have to be hours, just a little me time each day (15 mins) will make a huge difference. One of the reasons we try to escape and go on vacation is to actually have time for ourselves. Well, make that happen daily, squeeze in a little love for you everyday and the need to escape won’t be so strong.

2 - Kill anxiety
Many of us can relate to anxiety as the feeling of not being able to cope with everything that is happening around us. We’re used to multitasking and being always available. Anxiety makes us feel like we’re failing because we don’t have everything under control 24/7. But who does?! We’re not superhuman! When this feeling knocks on your door, remember you’re human and you’re awesome. Breath in. Breath out. Let that feeling of failure go and just chill, the world’s not going to end tomorrow. If in doubt some CBD drops will also help here. See how CBD interacts with our own ECS (Endocannabinoid System) to help us achieve balance.

3 - Change your perspective and be playful
Often we’re in need of new inputs, inspiration, creativity, something that makes us feel alive… we most definitely find this in some far far away land (which is another reason we all love vacation). But, maybe it’s also in front of our nose and we’ve just not realized it yet! If we play around, try new things, change the position of objects around us, try to see new colors and dimensions. If we put things in a different perspective, it is possible that a new world will open up to us.

4 - Enjoy the flow.
It is great to have a routine. Routine definitely helps with mental structure and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. However, keeping some space for random serendipity can also do us some good. When we’re on vacation we’re often more open to the unknown, more adventurous and more spontaneous. Try to practise this with situations that occur in your daily life. Feel the adventure of going with the flow.

5 - Celebrate little achievements.
Many times we can hear a “I deserved it”, our ego talking to us when we leave for vacation, closing the laptop for the next week knowing that 1,000 emails will be waiting for us when we’re back. We tell ourselves we’ve worked sooooo hard and deserve a break, to go far away where it is hot, sunny and the food is more exotic - But do we, really? If we deserve something, don’t we deserve it now? Shouldn’t we make the best out of every single day and not accumulate moments to celebrate for one short lived vacation? Surely these little celebrations appreciated in the moment will taste much better than a Pad Thai in Bangkok you have been waiting for over a year!
The key to achieve a “vacation state of mind” is to be here now, to enjoy life as it comes, to chill more and stress less.