The team

Vibe with us - We are the makers & cannabis entrepreneurs


Sabela García Cuesta

Sabela is the founder of Art District CBD, an artist and entrepreneur with a passion for the benefits of cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. After suffering from anxiety and burnouts, she finally learned how to be chill AF.

Favorite time for CBD: drink coffee in the morning to start the day!


Paolo Florit


It's our Latin American creative bomb and our hyperconnector. Paolo was born a chiller, but sometimes the stress hits hard so you have to learn to surf the waves like he did. His passion is surf skating, meditation and fitness.

Favorite CBD time: Before going to bed, he'd rather count waves than count sheep.


Jennifer Trober


Jenny is our content creator and the best friend to ask for advice. She became a yoga teacher after leaving a very stressful job and discovered that is easier to achieve peace of mind when also you body is relaxed.  
Favorite CBD time: anytime. Having Vacay Vibes CBD always on the purse makes you be ready to fight anxiety on the go!