Our story


It all started with exercise for a stress-free lifestyle.
We inspire and empower people to achieve a "vacation state" by introducing cannabis products into their daily lives.
Stress can trigger many health conditions, from weight gain to heart disease, from back and neck pain to depression. We really believe that cannabidiol can change your health without the high and we have started a fight against stress.
Our goal is for Vacay Vibes CBD to put you in a vacation state, because let's be honest, nothing beats a good vacation.



Art District CBD is a company that was founded by the artist Sabela García Cuesta and arose out of playful experiments and vacation dreams.    


"CBD has helped me deal with anxiety and bring my body and mind back into full balance." 

After suffering burnout at work from being unable to cope with the stress, hormonal imbalance caused me to lose my periods and became an emotional eater. CBD has helped me massively to deal with anxiety and to bring my body and mind back into full balance.

Of course, CBD isn't a magical miracle on its own, but I've found it to be life-changing when combined with a daily routine of mindfulness, meditation, or yoga. If I can support other women and bring them closer to the wonderful benefits of this stigmatized plant and help them lead a less stressful and healthier lifestyle, then I feel like I have accomplished my mission.