Where does your CBD come from?

Our CBD is processed in the Netherlands / EU. Our products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and GMP standards. 

Why drops and how many should I take?

No spill.  Drop Vacay Vibes CBD right on the spot where it needs to go, under your tongue, not over your head. For first timers, 3 to 5 drops max 3 times a day should do the work. Some people use CBD when feeling anxious or stressed out, some others before going to bed. Every person is different. No fear, feel free to experiment. 


Why do you use MTC oil in your CBD droppers?

Our full spectrum CBD comes in MTC (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, which is known for better brain and improved memory function, energy boosting, increased endurance, weight loss, improved weight management, lower cholesterol and lowered blood sugar levels. We are not promising miracles, but this is getting pretty damn close! 

MCT oil acts as a carrier for the CBD in order to allow for a larger concentration of the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

So it won't make me high?

CBD is no psychoactive. THC free - The only thing that should be high are your spirits.


What does it mean that your CBD is CO2 extracted?

You get all the good stuff from the plant. None of the bad stuff, like a pitted olive or a pre-pealed potato.
And, unlike many other suppliers, our CBD is extracted not by the supercritical but by the subcritical method, which is not extracted at high temperatures, ensuring that the positive properties of the plant are not damaged. Supercritical can cause thermal degradation of the oils, and when extracting green plant materials it can have the potentially negative consequence of extracting chlorophyll.


What does full spectrum mean?

Full spectrum means that besides CBD, our oil is rich in CBG, CBN, CBC, other cannabinoids and dominant terpenes. This helps maximize the effects of CBD oil.


Is your CBD laboratory tested? 

Quality is very important when choosing to buy a CBD product.

Each batch is tested by an accredited external laboratory (Brightlabs) for cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides and given a mycotoxins screening test.

Can you tell more about the quality of the product? 

We work together with Europe’s first CBD company to be ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2018 and ISO13485:2016 certified. These certifications guarantee the highest quality production of hemp oil.


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