I am Sabela, the founder of Art District CBD.
I am an artist and entrepreneur based in Hamburg (Germany), on a mission to help others to embrace a healthier lifestyle where self-care is key.

Cannabis has been for many years regarded as evil instead of a friend and I'd love to change this unfair stereotype. During a trip to California with my parents back in 2019, I discovered the benefits of this medicinal plant that would change my life forever.

I wasn't aware I was suffering from anxiety and that stress was affecting my overall health big times. I had hormonal imbalances that led me to lose my period over a year, I was once diagnosed with a burnout at work and I had also to control impulsively binge eating. Not to mention I would overdo drinking alcohol to calm down. Such a big mistake!

When I started introducing CBD into my daily routine, I experienced a change that I cannot put properly into words. I became a more relaxed person, I started to feel my body needs better and, most importantly, I started recognizing the feeling of stress building up so I can act upon it.
Not only CBD helped but also a series of rituals like meditating, going for walks, painting, and journaling, and eating a mostly plant-based diet. I started living a simpler life, trusting nature and believing in the healing powers of plants.

I would love to contribute to raising more visibility on the topic of how important it is a balanced, stress-free lifestyle for good mental health.

Are you also ready to make a change in your lifestyle and start taking more care of yourself?

You can connect with me in Instagram :)

Sabela García Cuesta