Our Story

Art District CBD is a company born from playful experimentation and vacay day dreaming founded by artist Sabela García Cuesta. 

We are on a mission to empower women create their own stress free zone, educating and inspiring them towards a positive cannabis culture. 

 Women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety as men. Our response to stress is different just because we have a completely different hormonal system that makes us react more emotionally. It is also very hard for us to find balance in a world where we play many roles in our day to day. Stress can trigger many health conditions, from weight gain to heart disease, from back and neck pain to depression. Our aim is for Vacay Vibes CBD to transport you into a vacation state of mind because, let's be honest, nothing beats a good holiday. Feel relaxed. Feel unbothered. Feel happy. That’s what Vacay Vibes is here to do for you. 




Zero stress zone

Long-term stress can harm your health. Chill vibes, sister.



Positive Cannabis Culture

Because the cannabis plant has many benefits. Why should everybody still stick to the stoner stereotype?



By women for women

Founded by Sabela with help from her mum,  Art District CBD ‘s mission is all about making cannabis a topic to be talked about freely among women.






"CBD has helped me in dealing with anxiety and bringing my body and mind back into full balance." 

After suffering from burnout at work after not being able to cope with stress, I lost my period because of hormonal imbalances and became an emotional eater. CBD has massively helped me in dealing with anxiety and bringing my body and mind back into full balance

Of course, CBD is not a magical miracle on its own, but I have found that when combined with a daily routine of mindfulness, meditation, or yoga then the benefits are quite life changing. If I can support other women and introduce them to the wonderful benefits of this stigmatised plant, helping them live a less stressful and healthier lifestyle then I will feel like I am delivering on my mission. 


Sabela García Cuesta, Founder Art District CBD